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Harry Rose

Dishonored in the breach

As much as we like to believe it does, opera doesn’t always “work,” and if you go in to an opera dead-set on pointing that out, then you’re 1) a problem and 2) misusing your free time – nap at home next time!  Read more »

Original sin

My 11-year old sister is coming to visit me at the end of the month and is devastated to miss Halloween at school with her friends. “Do they even have Halloween in Italy?” she asks. Well, if Halloween here is anywhere near as both hell- and hair-raising as the performances in Teatro Regio di Parma’s scorched-earth production of Macbeth, the Festival Verdi season opener, she has nothing to worry about.  Read more »

Another Hun bites the dust

Verdi’s Attila is hardly a rarity in Italy the way it is in the United States, and after last Sunday’s premiere at the Teatro Regio di Parma as the fourth and final title of 2018’s Festival Verdi, I realized just how much we have been missing out on.  Read more »

Ceci n’est pas un ‘Trovatore’

America’s longest-standing theatrical lightning rod, Robert Wilson premiered his ethereal, time-collapsing production of Le trouvère.

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Something lies beyond the Scene

I was overjoyed by the coincidence that Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival would be presenting Façade.

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Home run

The Barber of Seville turned out to be the most overall solid production of the year and even a bit of old-fashioned fun.

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Give ’em Hellman

I mean, how often does one get to hear Bernstein’s gorgeous, rollicking, and varied score nursed by a full orchestra and the artistic resources of an opera company?

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Family values

A regular day in 2018 Washington, D.C., or Verdi’s Don Carlo?

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