Over 200,000 Pageviews/Month!  That’s on parterre box, “the best blog in opera” (New York Times), everyone’s first stop for online opera gossip, news, reviews and multimedia. Your affordable ad will reach the incredibly loyal fanbase of parterre.com: mature, affluent, well-educated and motivated buyers.

At parterre box we offer both Banner ads and Sponsored Content. Both types of advertising spaces are optimized for desktop and mobile display. Discounts offered for first-time advertisers and 501(c)(3) / non-profit institutions.

Email [email protected] to enquire.

Display ads are available in the following sizes:

Billboard (970X250)
Maximum impact at top of all pages across the site

$8 CPM or $1,600 per month
Leaderboard (728X90)
The familiar classic banner ad at top of all pages across the site

$7 CPM or $1,400 per month
Mobile (320×100)
Both of the above placements include a fixed placement ad at the foot of all mobile pages.
Skyscraper (300X600)
Prominent placement across both desktop and mobile sites.

$6 CPM or $1,200 per month.
Box (300X250)
Economical placement across both desktop and mobile sites.

$5 CPM or $1,000 per month.
Sponsored Content is your advertising, formatted to have the look and feel of parterre box’s editorial content. Ideal for smaller budgets and last-minute spends. These ads display in various configurations across the site. (Rates on Sponsored Content are negotiable.)

The monthly rates you see above are approximations for a common scenario of purchasing 200k impressions in a month. But don’t be scared off by ‘em. We operate on a CPM basis, which means that you can buy as many impressions as works for your budget and choose a time period over which those impressions will be distributed.

For example:

  • Our “Leaderboard” ad space has a rate of $7 CPM. That is: for every thousand times the ad is displayed, it costs $7. 
  • If you’re considering buying, say, 100,000 impressions to spread out over 30 days, that means:
    • At $7 CPM, 100,000 impressions would cost $700.
    • This option gives you significant visibility at half the impression count of our full-capacity example, making it a more accessible point for smaller budgets.

We understand every advertiser has unique needs and budget constraints. Some like to make a big splash with a full 200,000+ impressions campaign, and some prefer a more modest reach. Either way, we’re happy to tailor something to your goals.

(Order minimum: 25,000 impressions)

And don’t worry your little head on deadlines. Our rapid turnaround can have your campaign flying in under an hour.

For more information on ad specs, creative services and discounts, please email [email protected] or telephone (206) 291-5515.