We at parterre box wish to extend thanks to our readers for the outpouring of tributes and support in the weeks since the death of James Jorden, our founder and inimitable doyenne. Additionally, we are glad to share the news that there will be a celebration of James’s life and legacy the afternoon of February 3, 2024 in New York City and invite members of cher public interested in attending to fill out our Save the Date form.

As we recognize that this website was James’s life’s work and legacy, your writers remain committed to its continuation. A team including Nick Scholl, Harry Rose, Chris Corwin, Carl Sullivan, Dan Soda, and reviewers across the country have been working together to ensure that cher public is kept up-to-date with the most incisive criticism, fascinating live recordings, thoughtful daily remembrances, breaking news items, and cleverest titles in the opera business. At this critical moment for writing about opera, parterre box remains committed to its vast community united around high standards, a love for the art form, and a fabulous, wicked sense of humor.

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