Roth Costanzo intends to maintain his performing career alongside his new administrative responsibilities.

Philadelphia correspondent David Fox:

What strikes me most here is that I imagined Opera Philadelphia – grappling as so many cultural institutions are with financial uncertainty – might look to an experienced, “safe” leader. Instead, with ARC they’ve made an audacious, glamorous, wild-card choice. It affirms the company’s confidence in David Devan’s vision for Festival O’s admixture of traditional opera placed alongside contemporary genre-defying work (and also, refreshingly, the company’s commitment to a positive, visible sense of queerness). At the same time, Devan himself is gone—and the residual costs related to Festival O remain a major issue. Ironically, I see this choice as both a tribute to him, and a need to move to the next step. To be continued!

More information available on Opera Philadelphia’s website.