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Take this ‘Job’ and stage it

Sumerian wood sculptures of a man in torment alternate with electric iconostases.

“Iyov” is Hebrew for “Job,” as in the Biblical Book of Job. There is some difficulty in describing just what IYOV the musical occasion is—and I’ll take refuge in calling it a musical work in the current PROTOTYPE Festival, through Saturday at HERE, on Dominick Street, between Soho and the Holland Tunnel.  Read more »

Purple hearts

“If I loved you, time and again I would try to say all I’d want you to know.”

The composer Gregory Spears is a unique example of this maxim: one must be “deeply rooted in tradition in order to innovate with integrity.”  Read more »


LamarThe aesthetic vision of M. Lamar’s Funeral Doom Spiritual was undeniable.  Read more »

Women beware women

Prototype: Opera/Theatre/Now presented new works in which women were variously gang-raped, eviscerated and executed by firing squad.

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That is the explanation of the crime

anatomy theater, receiving its New York premiere Saturday night at this year’s Prototype Festival, is a conceptual exercise in which nothing, absolutely nothing is left to the imagination.

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Must love dog

“You can’t imagine anyone else writing an opera that sounds like this one, though you devoutly wish someone would.”

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Boys and girls, not together

It’s particularly bewildering that before 2013 there was no such thing as the Prototype Festival.

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Curious “Case”

“…a perfect marriage of text and music, creating a series of tableau-like scenes, as if Paul’s story is being related through a series of exquisitely posed still photographs…”

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