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Sylvia Korman

Sylvia Korman is a recent graduate from Barnard College and a recent devotee of all things opera. They like mezzos in pants, Met Opera student tickets and reading the comments sections. See their tweets at ? boy eternal ? and people mad at opera.

Go away from my window

Columbia University’s Miller Theater is a small space, intimate, and wider than it is deep, but last night, waiting for the New York City premiere of Missy Mazzoli’s Proving Up, the eager and expectant energy of the audience could have filled a much larger house.  Read more »

Elements of stile

I’m no Fach expert but I will admit the “gay stile” is a new one for me — somewhere between the lyric and the dramatic tenor voices, perhaps?  Read more »

Accentuate the positive

I love the comments that really seem to think they balanced the positive with the negative — “sure I called her a hysterical, yodeling, vulgar cream cake but I also said it was brilliant! Totally fair!”  Read more »

The savvy and the non-savvy

Sounds like a better Friday night than “what the composer intended.” 

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Heaven is a place on Broadway

Broadway’s new Head Over Heels is anything but under committed; it’s a show with an irresistibly fun spirit and an infallibly good heart.

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If I could be with you one scour tonight

“Too sexy” is a hell of an accusation for a woman wearing a giant mesh Brillo pad!

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“Ah, mascalzone, presto in prigione! Suzuki, il thè”

Here’s a set of comments that I think really captures the duality of YouTube — two criticisms of Jonas Kaufmann. I won’t say which I personally find more valid! 

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U mad?

I found myself engrossed in the comments of bitchy queens and backseat directors.

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