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Sylvia Korman

Sylvia Korman is a recent graduate from Barnard College and a recent devotee of all things opera. They like mezzos in pants, Met Opera student tickets and reading the comments sections. See their tweets at ? boy eternal ? and people mad at opera.

Into the wooed

The Gang! From left: Me (they/them), Asya (she/her), a Rigoletto chorus girl (pronouns unknown), Aydan (they/them), and Tom (he/him).

This Friday, I took my friends to the opera.  Read more »

Dressed to kill

Oh, that slippery Don Giovanni—so elusive, so chaotic, so open to no end of interpretation!  Read more »

The harsh untruth of the camera eye

Ivo van Hove really seems to be everywhere lately. An All About Eve in London, a Network on Broadway, an upcoming West Side Story— even a round-table discussion in the New York Times, apparently convened just to litigate whether or not the contentious Belgian director is, in fact, all style and no substance. Read more »

Natural woman

I do not envy Jennifer Rowley the task of stepping into Anna Netrebko’s shoes.

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Whiskey tango foxtrot

I really cannot exaggerate the extent to which I truly did not know what was going on in New York City Opera’s production of Maria de Buenos Aires.

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Go away from my window

Hunger was the note of the night, a sentiment shared between the audience and Proving Up, a lean and hungry one-act telling a story of drought and desperation on the post-Civil War Western frontier.

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Elements of stile

I’m no fach expert but I will admit the “gay stile” is a new one for me — somewhere between the lyric and the dramatic tenor voices, perhaps?

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Accentuate the positive

I love the comments that really seem to think they balanced the positive with the negative.

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