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David Fox

Sophisticated Hades

The sexiest moment on Broadway this season features a 73-year-old man and a single button.  Read more »

Everybody loves to break a bough

Few theater terms raise my hackles like “Brechtian,” a label that’s often used with smug knowingness, though rarely in any precise way. I dislike it especially when it’s merely a synonym for “edgy.”  Read more »

Winged defeat

For me, two angels made this frankly disappointing evening worthwhile. First, there’s Hans Spialek, the original orchestrator, whose work—resurrected here after many decades—is as gorgeously diaphanous and bubbly as anyone could want.  Read more »

One more ‘Kiss’

Cole Porter wrote music and lyrics for more than two dozen Broadway musicals over nearly four decades. Scads of his individual numbers are cornerstones of the Great American Songbook. Yet the shows themselves are largely forgotten–or, as in the case of Anything Goes, now performed in radically revised editions.  Read more »

Easily assimilated

I’ve never liked the term “crossover.”

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They love a piano

It’s difficult to reconcile what Schlather writes with what we see onstage, which is a jumble not only of pianos, but of periods and concepts.

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That’s how they’ve done it

Così fan tutte, Mozart’s final Italian comedy with Lorenzo Da Ponte, is this season’s heaviest lift for Philadelphia’s Academy of Vocal Arts (AVA).

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‘Spring’ is here

The Day Before Spring , while not exactly experimental, shows a young and adventurous team thinking both traditionally and out-of-the-box.

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