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Cipher space

In Rome, in 1780, Antonio Salieri composed an opera buffa to a libretto by someone named Petrosellini, La Dama Pastorella, which might be translated “My Lady Shepherdess.” There’s this shepherd’s daughter, see, but she turns out to be the long-lost child of a count, as one does in opera.  Read more »

What is it you Comte face?

On this day in 1828 Rossini’s Le Comte d’Ory premiered in Paris.  Read more »

Broadcast: L’incoronazione di Poppea

All politics is vocal in Jan Lauwers‘ Salzburg production of the Monteverdi masterpiece, which will be streamed at 12:30 PM today.  Read more »

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different”

Born on this day in 1883 designer Coco Chanel.

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The Grand Tour

“A quite impartial, not quite chronological guide through opera from Monteverdi to John Adams.” 

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Variation on a theme

Born on this day in 1912, 1908, 1905 or perhaps 1900, soprano Miliza Korjus.

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parterre saturday afternoon: Otello

For the return of parterre saturday afternoon at 2:00 PM, Our Own JJ salutes soprano Aprile Millo.

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Elements of stile

I’m no fach expert but I will admit the “gay stile” is a new one for me — somewhere between the lyric and the dramatic tenor voices, perhaps?

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