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Michael Anthonio

Michael Anthonio’s love affairs with classical music and opera started in primary school, when his parents bought him an organ and he began taking lessons. During high school and college, he gave private organ lessons to some of his parents’ friends’ kids (for pocket money) and he was church organist and later, choir conductor. In 1999 he moved to Singapore where he got involved with the classical music online website “flying inkpot.” His interest in opera became an obsession when he was transferred for work to US in 2008. In addition to enjoying world-class opera in SF, he indulges in opera tours in Europe. His favorite opera composer is Handel; at this point, Michael seen 24 of his operas , with hopefully three more coming next year.

This means war

Considering the size and the logistics for staging Les Troyens, every new production of Berlioz’s epic masterpiece is a special event. Therefore, a lot of excitement awaited a new mounting by Opéra Bastille, part of Opera de Paris’ 350 Anniversary celebration. Read more »

Tales as old as time

The Paris Opera continued their 350th anniversary celebration January 26 with a brand new production of Alessandro Scarlatti’s 1707 oratorio Il Primo Omicidio ovvero Caino. Read more »

A little priestess

San Francisco and the Bay Area have long been the birthplace of innovation and startups, and interestingly, in recent years the area has also morphed into the breeding ground for thriving (although mostly nomadic) local opera companies.  Read more »

It’s a wonderful opera

As a theatrical piece, opera is surely one of the most difficult to get right. There are just way too many moving parts involved in the process. I mean, how many times have you seen an opera with great cast only to be disappointed by the awful staging, or if they got both right, the conducting was leaden or whatever?  Read more »

Beast in show

Christopher Maltman created a fun, coherent, often whimsical journey exploring the animal kingdom through a selection of animal songs.

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Master peace

With Liber scriptus came the biggest discovery for me, the vocal talent of Elena Stikhina.

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Cornet and clouds

Earlier this month I got the opportunity to sample two very different Baltic operas.  

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Fathers’ day

How do we celebrate a long career in opera, particularly one as illustrious as Plácido Domingo‘s? 

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