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Neither the text nor the music of Les Troyens is sacred. An opera house is not a church and opera singers are not celebrants. Certain critics need to get the fuck over themselves.

Escape from ‘New York’

Don’t bother to read Justin Davidson‘s “take” on the Met’s Aida in the current New York magazine. What it boils down to is the author flaunting his anti-racist bona fides by mocking Anna Netrebko based on her national origin.  Read more »

Because one slave has run away, Teachout beating every slave

A privileged white male critic for the Wall Street Journal accomplished quite a hat trick earlier this week, simultaneously throwing red meat to the WSJ’s fascist commentariat and casting himself as a victim of the Culture Wars, fretting over the possibility that theater producers might have to stop and consider the racial implications of a 70 year old musical about race.   Read more »

No sex please, we’re homosexual

Oh look, another critic who part-times as a necromancer!

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That’s entertainment!

The cher public are invited to nominate non-comic operas suitable for a gala performance according to the conditions specified above.

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Not since the Zodiac Killer…

“Marlis Petersen, in her first shot at the role, is as complete a video Violetta as Rosanna Carteri, Marie McLaughlin or the young Angela Gheorghiu, and as riveting as Teresa Stratas or Anna Netrebko.”

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Comparisons are odious

One thing that is killing opera is the practice of critics’ comparing the singers they heard last night to dead or retired artists.

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