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Because one slave has run away, Teachout beating every slave

A privileged white male critic for the Wall Street Journal accomplished quite a hat trick earlier this week, simultaneously throwing red meat to the WSJ’s fascist commentariat and casting himself as a victim of the Culture Wars, fretting over the possibility that theater producers might have to stop and consider the racial implications of a 70 year old musical about race.   Read more »

No sex please, we’re homosexual

Oh look, another critic who part-times as a necromancer! Read more »

That’s entertainment!

The cher public are invited to nominate non-comic operas suitable for a gala performance according to the conditions specified above.

Not since the Zodiac Killer…

“Marlis Petersen, in her first shot at the role, is as complete a video Violetta as Rosanna Carteri, Marie McLaughlin or the young Angela Gheorghiu, and as riveting as Teresa Stratas or Anna Netrebko.”

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Comparisons are odious

One thing that is killing opera is the practice of critics’ comparing the singers they heard last night to dead or retired artists.

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And I’m not throwing away my gold!

I sat through the Met’s Ring twice, and it never occurred to me that any thought had gone into it at all.

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