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“To be natural is such a very difficult pose to keep up”

As I sat watching Washington National Opera’s predictably acceptable season-closing production of Tosca with a friend (following a dinner at which an evaluation of the recent, Camp-themed Met Gala and the essay that inspired it was the dominant topic of conversation), it dawned on me why I have never been truly gripped by this ubiquitous piece my “Musical Dramaturgy” professor in Bologna called the “pinnacle of Italian melodrama”: Tosca, as it exists now, can’t be real, spontaneous drama–it’s just Camp.  Read more »

Sincerely yours

And, shame on her, La Cieca almost forgot today is Liberace‘s centennial! The very nearly literally flamboyant entertainer was born May 16, 1919.  Read more »

Gold dust woman

“Dress fitting for my new role debut as Abigaille. In love with her and her costumes.” [Saioa Hernandez]

But what does she sound like? Read more »

Sondheim sensibility: camp

The singularity of Stephen Sondheim contributes to the conception of him as a camp figure.

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With one look you’ll know all you need to know

You naysayers out there who are guffawing at Renée Fleming’s long-anticipated descent into utter camp: hey, be nice!

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Broadcast: Vanessa

Live from the Glyndebourne Festival starting at 1:30 this afternoon: a telecast of that campest of all camp operas, Vanessa.

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Fun laughs good times

The legendary performance of “Hey Big Spender” by Marilyn Horne, Carol Burnett and Eileen Farrell has shown up on YouTube.

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Ja, sah er Baden ahn der Ruf

La Cieca’s nomination for Song of the Year 2016: an elaborate but hideously tasteless unintentional joke.

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