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Whiskey tango foxtrot

I really cannot exaggerate the extent to which I truly did not know what was going on in New York City Opera’s production of Maria de Buenos AiresRead more »

The unusual suspects

Heidi Waleson’s comprehensive history of the New York City Opera—the clunkily titled Mad Scenes and Exit Arias:  The Death of the New York City Opera and the Future of Opera in America—offers a bracing reminder of the chaotic precariousness of running an opera company in the United States.   Read more »


New York City Opera has announced a search for “a transgender singer with a treble voice” to create the role of a transgender character in the opera Stonewall. The casting notice adds that “the singer will collaborate closely with composer Iain Bell on the role.” Read more »


New York City Opera apparently plans to fund its commission of the opera Stonewall via Patreon.

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The male gaze

The third segment of New York City Opera’s gradually emerging 2018-2019 season will be Mascagni’s Isabeau.

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If it ain’t ‘Brokeback’

Between staging, music, and material, it’s hard to decide what feels most broken about New York City Opera’s American premiere of Brokeback Mountain.

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Kingly sex

As far as prewar Italian verismo goes, L’amore dei tre re is a supernova.

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Antonacci’s singing is remarkably beautiful for one who clearly doesn’t make that a top priority.

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