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Little Miss Divina

Can you imagine the filmmakers’ embarrassment when they suddenly realized they’d made a movie about Maria Callas by mistake?

Do be ridiculous

Theatre at St. John’s and Yorick Theatre Co. are presenting the first ever revival of Charles Ludlam‘s Galas, “inspired by the life of La Divina Maria Callas.” The production, to be directed by Everett Quinton, is scheduled for June 13-29. [GoFundMe]

Virtually capricious!

“Ahora los responsables de la producción confirmaron que el espectáculo que reviviría al Maria Callas en escenarios chilenos a través de hologramas fue definitivamente cancelado.” []

Divine intervention

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Come to me my melancholy diva

“What emerges from this handsome but sentimental film is a portrait of the artist in decline, cocooning herself in defensive victimhood.

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Divine intervention

The second half of Warner Classics’ Maria Callas Live Remastered set represents the years 1954 to 1964 in the career of La Divina.

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Divinity, restored

All the daring and imagination of La Divina’s live work, particularly in the early years, is revealed in Warner Classics’ Maria Callas: The Live Recordings.

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Diva, unfiltered

How many books have been published about Anna Maria Sofia Cecilia Kalogeropoulou Meneghini Callas, great operatic goddess of the dark arts?

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