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Happy National Coming Out Day

“Love is love,” tweets tenor Michael Fabiano.

Rara avis

Parterrians will surely be fascinated to hear that tomorrow (Sunday) a staged reading of The Lisbon Traviata (the play by Terrence McNally, not the recording featuring Maria Callas) will be performed at New York’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center. Read more »

Thanks for scaring

Lyric Opera Unlimited, the education and outreach program of Lyric Opera of Chicago, has done our fair city a great favor by producing Fellow Travelers, the new Gregory SpearsGreg Pierce opera commissioned by the Cincinnati Opera in 2016. I caught the last of four performances on Sunday afternoon in the beautiful, old 984-seat Athenaeum Theatre in Chicago. I found the performance intellectually and politically riveting, musically thrilling, and profoundly moving. It was a triumph.  Read more »

Why can’t a woman be more like a man?

“The background chorus characters in the Broadway show I saw tonight unobtrusively included a gay couple, and jaded though I sometimes am I think that’s really neat.” [@FeldmanAdam]

Purple hearts

Composer Gregory Spears is a unique example of this maxim that one must be “deeply rooted in tradition in order to innovate with integrity.”

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We’re here, we’re queer (well, some of us)

What the hell is Three Way doing on a list of 7 American Operas That Put LGBTQ Issues Center Stage?

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Cruise, control

Cincinnati Opera presented the world premiere Fellow Travelers Friday and I’m here to tell you that not only does the opera have legs, it has balls.

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Why we fight

“Over the years, I have often been asked why I feel my sexuality is anyone’s business and why I am so open about it in print.”

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