Daniels Walters weddingLongtime Friend of the Box David Daniels writes on Facebook: “Over the years, I have often been asked why I feel my sexuality is anyone’s business and why I am so open about it in print. “In Moscow today, I did an interview for the Bolshoi. The young woman interviewing me asked me the usual questions… Händel, countertenors,updated productions, conductors, recitals vs. opera etc… Then ‘off the record’ asked about my sexuality, even though she would lose her job if anything was printed. At the end of our interview, she informed me, she had a wedding picture of Scott, me and Justice Ginsberg on her desk and was asked to remove it. This, obviously, completely caught me off guard. As I left the interview room she teared up and hugged me and thanked me. To say I was humbled would be an enormous understatement. This is a day I will not forget anytime soon.”

photo via Twitter