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Donna Anna

Songs of innocence

Blind Injustice had its world premiere this week, presented by Cincinnati Opera in collaboration with the Young Professionals Choral Collaborative. It’s a masterpiece, brilliant theater with a great libretto by David Cote, a compelling dramatic score by Scott Davenport Richards, performed with urgency by 12 members of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra under the direction of John Morris Russell and a superb cast directed by Robin Guarino. Read more »

The party’s over

Against the backdrop of a stylized topographic cityscape, seven characters step forward and sing a rousing opening number, “The Party Goes On,” accompanied by images of job lines, Hoovervilles, and soup kitchens.  Read more »

Cruise, control

FellowCincinnati Opera presented the world premiere Fellow Travelers Friday and I’m here to tell you that not only does the opera have legs, it has balls. Read more »

Commie dearest

The Manchurian Candidate is indeed operatic: outsized characters, a doomed love story and a narrative fraught with suspense.

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