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Too much, too soon

“Too many notes,” tut-tuts Habsburg Emperor Joseph II upon sitting through Seraglio in the Shaffer biopic, Amadeus. Brace yourselves for some sacrilege, folks: it’s a sentiment I sometimes share when it comes, gasp, to Mozart.  Read more »

Fixing the fan

Cio-Cio and Carmen: what do you do with two tragic heroines who typify not just the sexist clichés, but also the soupy exotic fixations, of the Old-World West? Well, if you’re Heartbeat Opera, you take those two hapless maidens, doll them up in headphones and Hello Kitty merch, and push them to the front of a corrective double bill.  Read more »

Women past the verge

LuciaIn Beyond Good and Evil, Nietzsche tersely writes: “In revenge and in love, a woman is more barbaric than man.” Let’s be honest: it takes a man to write something so tone deaf, so blind to the repressive systems that regularly bind women in love and politics.  Read more »