After the publication of my five-chapter reminiscence “Chris and the Pirates,” La Cieca invited me to curate a weekly series of live opera recordings. Our doyenne dubbed it Trove Thursday and imposed no guidelines or parameters.

So began a challenging, exhilarating, and ear-opening journey that eventually embraced not only operas but oratorios, masses, cantatas, song cycles and more. From early on, I tried to keep the offerings eclectic and surprising.

I’m grateful to La Cieca for the many hours that posting and hosting these materials required and for keeping everything available for listening and downloading. In addition, many, many thanks to everyone who has listened to or commented on Trove Thursday episodes.

Although I began to think about discontinuing TT late last year, I mentioned it to no one before informing La Cieca of my decision yesterday. As I’ve only missed one week (due to PC issues) since 5 January 2017, a break from the weekly schedule will be welcome. I may want to continue sharing live recordings, so over the next few months LaC and I will confer about how that might happen. Therefore, maybe not adieu but au revoir!

All of Trove Thursday’s hundreds of tracks can be found at Apple Podcasts, or via any RSS reader.

Check back soon for a final update of the archive listing in alphabetical order by composer all the works posted.