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Under the silver lake

“Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?” went the introduction to the 1940s radio program The Shadow, an apt description for the San Francisco Opera’s second-ever production of Czech composer Antonín Dvorák’s haunting opera Rusalka, that opened at War Memorial Opera House in a spectacular fashion Sunday June 16—after 24 years! Read more »

Pilot program

Just a couple of weeks ago I reported here on a performance of Handel’s Orlando from Theater an der Wien, a musically glorious show marred by, in my opinion, Claus Guth’s incoherent staging. Since I made a reference to Harry Fehr’s production there and both performances are still fresh in my mind, please allow me the indulgence of using that review as reference point in reviewing San Francisco Opera’s new production of Orlando (the first in 34 years) that opened on Sunday. Read more »

Nice nice baby

“Love is a wild bird that no one can tame” sang the title character of Georges Bizet’s perennial classic opera Carmen that opened San Francisco Opera’s Summer season Wednesday at the War Memorial. Unfortunately, “tame” also seemed to be the appropriate adjective to describe the performance that night. Read more »

Just to watch it get dark from the Top of the Mark

San Francisco Opera continues its competition with Lyric Opera of Chicago for the title of “World’s Dullest Opera Company” with the its announcement of the mostly lackluster 2019-2020 season.

It’s a wonderful opera

There comes a time where everything falls into place, and more importantly, when your head and heart are also in the right mindset.  That’s when when the opera becomes cathartic, life-changing experience.

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Fathers’ day

How do we celebrate a long career in opera, particularly one as illustrious as Plácido Domingo‘s? 

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Coming out

Beautiful singing, thoughtful staging, lovely melodies… a perfect escape from daily life.

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For this revisiting of Tosca, San Francisco Opera decided to highlight the glamorous lifestyle of the Italian soprano Carmen Giannattasio.

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