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Broadcast: Vanessa

Live from the Glyndebourne Festival starting at 1:30 this afternoon: a telecast of that campest of all camp operas, VanessaRead more »

All ihr Singlefrauen

“Los in den Club, wir haben uns gerade getrennt. Ich zieh jetzt mein eigenes kleines Ding durch.”

Angels of music

Happy 58th birthdays to soprano Cecilia Gasdia and actress/singer Sarah BrightmanRead more »

Mortality play

Of all Handel’s oratorios, Semele begs most to be staged.

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O happy pair!

Congratulations to baritone Jarrett Ott and artistic administrator Adam Franklin, wedded Saturday by none other than Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

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Over my head

Happy 70th birthday soprano Kathleen Battle.

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Half shelled

“Fleming does not have the acting skills to convince as a hearty clam-shack proprietress…”

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Project runway

Happy 83rd birthday Opernregisseur Harry Kupfer.

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