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Ringing in my queers

Stonewall threads some difficult needles with great success overall in this last installment of New York City Opera’s Pride Month Programming. Read more »

Another one bites the Russ

La Cieca is utterly crushed: the most exquisitely queer “parterre box” headline of all time has been written, and it was written by someone who has nothing to do with parterre box.

We’re here, we’re queer (well, some of us)

With all due respect to the creative team responsible for Three Way (in particular David Cote, a librettist of real distinction), what the hell is this piece doing on a list of 7 American Operas That Put LGBTQ Issues Center StageRead more »

Wunderkinder in mirror are larger than they appear

Composer Nico Muhly took a break between operatic world premieres to order a daiquiri and talk to our own JJ about height, haters and flight path. [Capital New York] (Photo: Peter Ross)