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Chenez turn

Dapper countertenor Ray Chenez is temporarily putting aside the turbans of his operatic career for, well, the turbans of a Broadway diva as he appeals via Indiegogo for funding to record a CD of show tunes.  Read more »

Separated at paillette

Christopher Maltman‘s “Liza with a Z” drag for the finale of Così fan tutte at the Met recalls another iconic diva of the opera’s 1960s setting. Read more »

Opera = Drag

“The higher the hair, the higher the C.”

Cher public, you are invited to submit your own choices of images best illustrating the tenuous line between Kunst and female impersonation. Read more »


From the perspective of current identity politics, Puccini’s Turandot is a disaster of epic proportions.

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Py shy

This black-box recital was an aggressively Gallic affair

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Meet Andreas Rosar, assistant director and hero/heroine of the 2017 Bayreuth Festival.

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Wig schlock

Despite the participation of venerable composer Carlisle Floyd, the only distinction Prince of Players can claim is as the worst drag show in Manhattan.

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When divas collide, part infinity

La Royale hostessed a Fridays Under 40 reception before the opera, then graced a parterre box during the performance.

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