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Melody and more

The arrival of a new recording of Giuseppe Verdi’s Otello into the catalogue, to say nothing of a new tenor capable of singing Otello, is generally cause for hosannas all around in operatic circles. The knife-sharpening tends to start a little later.  Read more »

The party of Lincoln

Gala concerts are much like life in general. You do not want the wonderful parts to end, you know the unpleasant parts will pass quickly enough, and there are always bad outfits to make fun of. The Metropolitan Opera has returned regularly to the format through the years, with star-studded concerts in 1966, 1972, 1983, 1991, 1996, 2006, 2009 and 2017 to mark a change of address, a general manager’s retirement or a significant anniversary.  Read more »

Dames and divas

Since the unveiling of Claus Guth’s “One small step for man” La Boheme at the Paris Opera, which he had the audacity to set in space, opera fans of a certain era world wide have suffered a myriad of complaints including feigned coronary angina, pseudo ocular migraine, and apoplexies of every sort imaginable. I read one comments section on the interwebs where a veritable Cassandra of theatrical trend righteously swore that this was precisely the reason they decided to stop going to the opera decades agoRead more »

Eternal, feminine

For her first CD in six years, Angela Gheorghiu has chosen Italian repertoire.

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Divinity, restored

All the daring and imagination of La Divina’s live work, particularly in the early years, is revealed in Warner Classics’ Maria Callas: The Live Recordings.

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Das Süsses Mädel and the Boy from Berlin

Diana Damrau has chosen for her new Erato recital disc Grand Opera 11 high-flying showpieces from ten operas by Giacomo Meyerbeer.

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The right box

Let’s call this meeting to order. My name is Patrick and I’m a boxset-aholic.

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Woman on the verge of a repertoire breakthrough

Revive is a manifesto of sorts, declaring Elina Garanca’s intentions for the new direction in her career.

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