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The lady in question

Though he composed several entries in the newly invented form of opera, Alessandro Stradella was better known for church music including oratorio, dramatizations of Biblical incidents. He set texts sympathetically (and sensuously), and possessed a melodic gift that would have conquered the world in a later age.  Read more »

The old song and dance

If being stuck in an emergency room past 1:30 AM wasn’t bad enough, my injury happened heading home from the most disappointing performance in 30 otherwise glorious years of William Christie and Les Arts Florissants visiting New York City.  Read more »

May contain nuts

Mark Morris’ saucy, psychedelic The Hard Nut has returned to the Brooklyn Academy of Music yet again this week for its 27th Christmas since the ballet premiered in BrusselsRead more »

A boy’s best friend

To put the matter succinctly: I missed Mark-Anthony Turnage’s Anna Nicole when New York City Opera presented it at BAM five years ago. Wednesday night, at the opening of the Scottish Opera’s 2017 production of Turnage’s previous opera, Greek, at the same place, I was very sorry I’d missed Anna Nicole. And I am thinking of returning to Greek.  Read more »

Center ring Gandhi

BAM brings us a political opera featuring… literal balancing acts.

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The love that dare not yawp its name

Matthew Aucoin’s Crossing depicts Walt Whitman’s experience serving wounded soldiers in a DC infirmary and chronicles the period’s tragic effects.

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Py shy

This black-box recital was an aggressively Gallic affair

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Triple header

I reckon marketing a sex-themed opera in Brooklyn should be like selling bacon-flavored froyo in Vermont.

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