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Center ring Gandhi

With a crucial political faceoff ahead, and seemingly everything hanging in the balance, BAM brings us a political opera featuring… literal balancing acts.  Read more »

The love that dare not yawp its name

Bi-curious, not judgmental.

Walt Whitman, that great American bard of free verse who sent legions of us struggling to define “yawp” in our AP English classes, was also a man of queer taste. By the outbreak of Civil War, he’d become something of a dandy about town—a well-known New York belletrist who fancied Romantic poetry, loved to skinny-dip with The Youth, and enjoyed mooning over bel canto rep in the bosomy company of contraltos.  Read more »

Py shy

Wednesday, not two weeks after an annual Drag Convention cracked a sequin-sized hole in the Javits Center, the Brooklyn Academy of Music brought a queen of its very own to Fort Greene. “I ended my bulimic crisis,” an impish Olivier Py informed those who’d come to experience the first of his four-night recital in BAM’s Fishman Space. “I don’t mix pills and liquor anymore.”  Read more »

Triple header

I reckon marketing a sex-themed opera in Brooklyn should be like selling bacon-flavored froyo in Vermont.

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One finger exercise

David Lang is, per The New Yorker, a “postminimalist enfant terrible.”

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Tell me about the rabbits

Our Own JJ confesses he just doted on Heartbreak Express, but “You Us We All was not my cup of twee.”

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Dongs of mirth and triumph sing!

Donkey dick and other Asian Fusion vaudeville acts arouse “The BAM Effect” at Handel’s Semele.

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Mortal purpose

The advance publicity about Zhang Huan’s production of Handel’s luscious Semele currently having its US premiere at the Brooklyn Academy of Music prominently featured a provocative claim.

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