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Rock out with your Tracht out

A revival of Andreas Homoki’s Lohengrin descended upon the Wiener Staatsoper this month like American college students to Oktoberfest: loud, convulsive, not especially coherent and in full lederhosen and dirndls.  Read more »

Santuzza in a kimono

As I approached my fifth Madama Butterfly of the year, I was somewhat skeptical as to what else I might get from the piece so soon after seeing it for the last time, in the United States, in August.  Read more »

Hello from the other side

A woman reads from the Bible. There is a dance scene in a tavern. The discovery of blood gives away the protagonist. Sony has released on DVD the Vienna State Opera’s 2013 production of a 20th-century masterpiece. No, not Wozzeck. The other one.   Read more »