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There is no spoon

Alisa Jordheim and Oliver Sewell in “La Gazza Ladra.”

Can a work with pages and pages of indisputably great music fail to add up to a successful opera? I puzzled over that Sunday during the four hours of Teatro Nuovo’s essential concert staging of Rossini’s La Gazza Ladra at SUNY Purchase. Luckily this perplexing yet enthralling semiseria will be repeated in Manhattan on Thursday at the Rose Theater and no one interested in bel canto should miss it. Read more »

Drama is real

Bass Daniel Fridley, who offered “plenty of spin and sparkle in his voice, perfect diction, and the exact resonance and gravitas I look for in a bass.”

Teatro Nuovo put on a perfectly delightful show on Thursday night including the New York premiere of Donizetti’s Symphony in E minor and Rossini’s Stabat Mater in the Church of the Heavenly Rest. Read more »

Social Medea

Jennifer Rowley in “Medea in Corinto”.

Simone Mayr’s Medea in Corinto, a curious work of 1813, far more popular than Cherubini’s piece during the the 19th century and last given in New York by Newell Jenkins’ Clarion Consort back in 1969, has been revived by Will Crutchfield’s new enterprise, Teatro Nuovo, for two performances—last Sunday and this Saturday—in tandem with another hit of 1813, Rossini’s TancrediRead more »

The boy from Syracuse

Tamara Mumford as Tancredi.

Tancredi is a serious opera, which means that at its heart lies a dilemma.  Read more »