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Blonde Venus?

The frequently-omniscient Future Met Wiki has recently vouchsafed a few morsels about upcoming Met seasons. Details after the jump!  Read more »

Rock, star

jenufaThe Metropolitan Opera once again provided an opportunity to hear excellent singing with the return of Janácek’s Jenufa, the centerpiece of which was the performance of Karita Mattila as the murderous Kostelnicka. However, this overall success was diminished by a puzzling production by Olivier Tambosi from 2003; its odd set design and slack stage direction provoked more dissatisfying questions than a fully realized reading of the text.  Read more »

Stone cold killer

MattilaThere’s a moment early in the film Volver where Almodovar reveals Carmen Maura, his glamorous star of yesteryear, done up as an unkempt old lady, and though it’s easy to google her and see that she’s doing fine in real life, the transformation is wrenchingly poignant. I thought of it last night at the War Memorial despite Karita Mattila’s failure to look a day older than she ever has, because I recall her Jenufas as if they were yesterday, and yet here we are. Batons have been passed. Die Zeit, die ist ein sonderbar Ding and all that.  Read more »

Neue Urteufelin

La Cieca nominates Karita Mattila to sing Kundry (imagined here in a Stefan Herheim production of Parsifal, because, after all, one can dream!)

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Il core vi dono

With February 14th falling on a Sunday, there will be no Valentine’s Day Met performance this year.

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From the depths

I was greatly anticipating Karita Mattila’s recital on Friday in Toronto’s Koerner Hall.

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Females on the beach

Karita Mattila is a gift to this planet.

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there s a dance in the old dame yet

Karita Mattila (pictured) sings a little Verdi.

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