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Traveling music

naxos setAndrea Andermann is a crazy man, we are twice told, admiringly, in supplemental materials for Naxos’s new four-DVD box set.  Read more »


LamarThe aesthetic vision of M. Lamar’s Funeral Doom Spiritual was undeniable.  Read more »

You give me fever

mimiFor me, the third act of La Bohème is the most important. Mimì, desperate to understand why her relationship is disintegrating, ventures to the outskirts of Paris to speak with Marcello. She wants to understand why her lover Rodolfo abandons her, turns from her, and accuses her of infidelity. When Rodolfo appears to speak with Marcello, she hides herself, and listens from a short distance. Rodolfo tells his friend that the real reason he wants to leave Mimì is because she’s sick, and he is poor; he doesn’t have the resources he needs to take care of her. He cannot bear to see her suffering, and not help.

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A little off the top

Beaumarchais clearly delighted in this unobtrusive realm.

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Women beware women

Prototype: Opera/Theatre/Now presented new works in which women were variously gang-raped, eviscerated and executed by firing squad.

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Musical theater of the absurd

It’s easy to see why Leonard Bernstein’s Candide was a flop when it premiered on Broadway.

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Dirty dancing

The DVD of Thomas Agerfeldt Olesen‘s 2013 opera The Picture of Dorian Gray.

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That is the explanation of the crime

anatomy theater, receiving its New York premiere Saturday night at this year’s Prototype Festival, is a conceptual exercise in which nothing, absolutely nothing is left to the imagination.

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Sea, no evil

Breaking the Waves is not only a “real opera,” it is an immensely powerful work of music drama.

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Stone soup

“A case of histronic personality disorder a deux.”

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