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  • Krunoslav: ‘happy to see the wonderful Patrick Carfizzi, even in a small role. I always said he deserves much more.’... 6:23 PM
  • JohninSeattle: Long past time for a send-off. Despite all the medical evidence that suggests our bodies get healthier and more robust... 6:10 PM
  • La Cieca: httpv://www.youtub FRoFKHk&start =10 6:00 PM
  • CarlottaBorromeo: Ah you are quite correct. Reading in haste is never a good idea. Thank you. 5:28 PM
  • JohninSeattle: My history is weak here… But SA Anti-Apartheid boycott originated in the early 1960s, right? I don’t think it... 4:54 PM
  • scooterberwyn: https://www.youtub ZlCYKIA Another version of “Alice Blue Gown”! 4:46 PM
  • armerjacquino: So Caballe sang in apartheid SA? That’s interesting. Was opera not included in the (albeit unofficial) cultural... 4:16 PM
  • zinka: The Price is Right and wrong Gli enigmi sono tre…and add Leontyne. On Feb.10, Price’s 89th birthday, I am stating that... 3:49 PM

Every little thing she does is magic

A while back I joined a closed group on Facebook called “The Beverly Sills Crazies.” I can’t recall how I found the first posting on my feed but they seemed like a fun bunch and I’m a great accumulator of digital pictures of set and costume designs. It’s been dubbed my “Opera Porn” collection. When knocking on the door to be let in I did feel it necessary to be frank in that, although I appreciated Ms. Sills and certainly enjoyed her work, I was not “crazy” for her. (My secret heart belongs to another diva.)

I was nonetheless received into the fold with a formal posting on the page and many joyful welcomes. It is, by far, the most well-behaved and pleasant group of people I have ever encountered on the interwebs. They luxuriate in their Beverly exclusively with remembrances, photos, keepsakes and the occasional porcelain figurine. They continue to show their devotion to her through their unstinting good humor and camaraderie.  Read more »

French tickler

The concert presented by Opera Lafayette at the Alliance Française last Friday and Saturday was devoted to music of witty, short-lived Emmanuel Chabrier, notably Une Éducation Manquée. This operetta-comique (given precisely once in Chabrier’s brief lifetime and never orchestrated) included four or five numbers to piano accompaniment, outlining about five minutes worth of plot.  Read more »

I don’t sleep, I dream

The dramatic action of La Sonnambula is delicate as a holiday ornament of filigree glass, and its semiseria naiveté may puzzle a modern public. Staging it is an awkward matter at best, as the recent Met production demonstrated: How can you update a tale of Swiss rustics who refuse to believe in sleepwalkers but insist passionately on the reality of ghosts, virgin brides and honorable noblemen?  Read more »

Cold Mountain 1

When this cruel war is over

Jarrett Ott is a star. That is the only surprise takeaway from the well-intended snore, Cold Mountain.

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Siegfried 1

Sag, welch wunderbare Träume

First seen in 2005, Siegfried makes a welcome return as a stand-alone production this season.

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David Daniels

Blackberry winner

Washingtonians enjoyed a happy reunion this past Sunday with David Daniels.

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Maria Stuarda 1

Queen for a D

Friday’s season premiere at the Met of Donizetti’s opera about the doomed Scottish queen proved surprisingly satisfying and a genuine success for Sondra Radvanovsky.

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The hill is greener

Live recordings of Hans Knappertsbusch conducting Parsifal seem to proliferate like stairways in M.C. Escher prints.

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Jonas in Fanciulla

Hello from the other side

A woman reads from the Bible. There is a dance scene in a tavern. The discovery of blood gives away the protagonist.

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Moffo Amazon

Sweet bird

Anna Moffo made some of the most entrancing records ever. Their appeal is to “voice fanciers.” (I understand. We’re a despised group.) But Moffo’s best work renders us helpless. 

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