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Lion, tamer

Relish your smarminess, Zeljko Lucic!

“Perhaps his production will prove easy to revive and hospitable to future performers,” wrote Our Own Christopher Corwin, “but there’s just nothing interesting going on.” Read more »

Alzare le spalle

“Non mi dispiace” seemed to be the general consensus in the loggione December 7 when Verdi’s Attila came roaring into La Scala to open the 2018-19 season.  Read more »

Three more times!

Elena Stikhina, whose Suor Angelica “filled the house with arresting urgency.”

The Met has recently been commemorating the centenary of its world premiere of Puccini’s three-part Il Trittico but I didn’t attend the revival of its behemoth Jack O’Brien production until Wednesday in order to catch several significant cast changes.  Read more »

Made in the shade

Here’s a quick sprint through some recent (and a few maybe not-so-very-recent) Handel CDs that have been stacking up. 

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Not the Messiah

Four fine Handel-centric concerts from the Morgan Library to Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center proved a bracing antidote to pervasive Messiah-mania.

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Miracle on 28th street

This a sincere revival with a social conscience, a chance to take immersive part in the Christmas miracle, not just watch it remotely.

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A boy’s best friend

At the opening of the Scottish Opera’s 2017 production of Turnage’s opera Greek, I was very sorry I’d missed Anna Nicole.

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Dream a little dream

Jules Massenet’s version of the Cinderella fairy tale, Cendrillon, seems to be back in vogue after many years of obscurity.

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