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Midsummer gladness

The fruits of this summer have included a “Hello Kitty” Butterfly, hipster-sexual riffs on Così and Salome, an anarchistic retelling of Carmen, and Capriccio performed in sweatpants. Somewhere along the way, however, more conservative stagings of the classics have been chucked to the side.  Read more »

Leaving blood on the shirt

The debate over live transmissions of opera to cinemas in HD isn’t going to go away.  Read more »

Guilt, edged

If aging French modernist composer Darius Milhaud took a risk in adapting La Mère Coupable as an opera, it wasn’t the quirky, atonal style he used for his score.  Read more »

For a few dolors more

LoftOpera’s accurately but unpromisingly named Pergolesi & Vivaldi stumbled rather than soared.

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The word is not enough

So, um, I guess we can agree that words are more important than music?

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Triple header

I reckon marketing a sex-themed opera in Brooklyn should be like selling bacon-flavored froyo in Vermont.

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Monday in the park with mike

From up close, the miked opera singer can be a bit tough to take.

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And three for Mahler

A poster outside Carnegie Hall proclaimed “Mahler Well Met” and to some degree it proved to be true.

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Arrivederci, Romany!

In the same season that Manhattan School of Music revived The Gypsy Baron, Riverside Theater around the corner is the site of Amore Opera’s “Season of Gypsy Operas.”

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Das Süsses Mädel and the Boy from Berlin

Diana Damrau has chosen for her new Erato recital disc Grand Opera 11 high-flying showpieces from ten operas by Giacomo Meyerbeer.

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