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Geopolitics Italian style

macbethAs part of its opening week Opera Philadelphia presented a production of Giuseppe Verdi’s Macbeth in the small Prince Theater in cooperation with the “Philly Fringe.” This was by the Third World Bunfight Company from South Africa. The director/conceiver, Brett Bailey, Caucasian “from University” remarked in a talkback afterward that he had been commissioned to “do an opera. I hate opera but wanted the commission so I looked through a book with all the stupid plots and saw there was an opera of Macbeth. I thought it would serve to make a play about the massacres in the Congo.”  Read more »

No view from the bridge

tristanLast night, the Metropolitan Opera once again launched their season with a new production, as has generally been their habit since Peter Gelb took over as general director. This time, Mariusz Trelinski unveiled a rather gloomy, though musically satisfying, Tristan und Isolde, replacing the austere and static production by Dieter Dorn from 1999.   Read more »

New waves

breaking-1Missy Mazzoli, a 36-year-old composer from Brooklyn, has created the most startling and moving new American opera in memory. This astonishing achievement—in collaboration with librettist Royce Vavrek—was part of the opening week at Opera Philadelphia, which had commissioned the work and staged its world premiere.  Read more »


Crazy stupid love

Well, that didn’t last long.

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Comeback thane

The characters get right down to work immediately with their foul deeds.

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The upper depths

The Teatro di San Carlo in Naples is a pearl itself and this presentation proffers some of the best that company has to offer.

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Guilt and pleasure

Ambivalent is how I feel about Cosí fan tutte.

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One finger exercise

David Lang is, per The New Yorker, a “postminimalist enfant terrible.”

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Cuts like a knife

You may wonder what Rachmaninoff’s Aleko and Leoncavallo’s Pagliacci have in common.

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Bella come un tramonto

With the performance of Dessì we move onto a different plane than the other singers.

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