The lady in question The lady in question

The story shows what may happen when corrupt individuals occupy positions of trust.

Lost in Thrace Lost in Thrace

Handel’s Radamisto returned to New York when Opera Lafayette movingly performed this early masterpiece.

Elopement, Neapolitan style Elopement, Neapolitan style

Niccolò Jommelli, forgotten now, was quite well known in Italy and southern Germany in his day.

The not so great outdoors The not so great outdoors

For all the company’s good intentions this opera-dance combo was not one of its happiest outings.

French tickler French tickler

The concert presented by Opera Lafayette at the Alliance Française last Friday and Saturday was devoted to music of witty, short-lived Emmanuel Chabrier, notably Une Éducation Manquée.

Journey to Italy Journey to Italy

Since its founding 20 years ago, Washington, DC-based Opera Lafayette has devoted its considerable imagination and energy to reviving lesser-known 17th and 18th century French operas.

Disguise and dolls Disguise and dolls

While many performing arts organizations have been reducing their schedules or even closing, Opera Lafayette, a Washington DC-based group dedicated primarily to 17th and 18th century opera, has proven remarkably prosperous.