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Of two minds

Mezzo Blythe Gaissert, Hannah after in NYCO’s As One.

I wanted to like As One. I really did. This chamber opera, with only one character, two singers, and a string quartet who occasionally serve as a chorus, promises an uplifting, occasionally humorous story of a transgender woman’s journey through dysphoria and isolation to self-acceptance and freedom. While I certainly went on a journey, ultimately, I come with more problems than praise for NYC Opera’s latest installment in its Pride Month programming.  Read more »

“More wait!”

New York City Opera today offered a demi-announcement of half their next season. Read more »

Vo’ farmi più gaia, più fulgida ancora

This float (artist’s conception) will perhaps anchor New York City Opera’s presence in tomorrow’s Pride parade. Says the company’s rep, “City Opera invites you, our fans, to march with the artists who create the operas you love. Join us on June 25th, at 12:00 pm and show your pride for love, equality, and opera.”

Musical theater of the absurd

candideIt’s easy to see why Leonard Bernstein’s Candide was a flop when it premiered on Broadway. A quick look through Voltaire’s source material reveals a plot full of obscenity and atrocity: floggings, hangings, disembowelment, rape, dismemberment, impalement, bestiality, cannibalism, heresy, and sex trafficking. Such a catalogue of depravity suggests an adaptation of Pasolini rather than a Broadway musical.  Read more »

Cuts like a knife

You may wonder what Rachmaninoff’s Aleko and Leoncavallo’s Pagliacci have in common.

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A hole in the Hedda

“Hopper’s Wife turned out to be the most unpleasant piece as I’ve heard since NYCO’s notorious fiasco The Dreyfus Affair, two decades ago.”

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Ambizioso spirto, tu sei NYCO

New York City Opera Renaissance certainly seems to have its eyes on the future.

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A star is reborn?

The New York City Opera Board has signed an agreement to transfer its name and intellectual property to NYCO Renaissance, Ltd.

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