Local 802 and AGMA have rejected New York City Opera’s “final offer,” placing the company at an “impasse,” according to an email from George Steel to members of the company’s board.

The email, obtained by parterre.com, reads:

Dear NYC Opera Board Members,

I wanted to give you this late-hour update on the outcome of our 14-hour negotiating session with Local 802 and AGMA, the unions representing our orchestra and chorus.

I am sorry to report that at about midnight, the unions rejected our final offer, which represented considerable movement from our initial positions. The unions made no counterproposal, and their summary rejection of our offer puts us at an impasse . . . .

The practical implication of impasse is that we will implement elements of our final offer, and we will offer to meet with the unions further to explore if there is any way to find a way forward.

I am at a loss to explain the unions’ move, but I expect they sense the need to push beyond “the end,” either as an expression of helplessness and/or anger, or as a negotiating “hail mary.” In any event, it puts everyone in a difficult position.

There are a lot of ways this situation could go, and I will keep you updated as the situation develops . . . .