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One Grecian urn

So, in the Michigan Opera Theatre production of The Merry Widow, is Deborah Voigt channeling Joan Sutherland…   Read more »

Georgia on my mind

Jaw-breaking soprano Tamar Iveri is trying to walk back her recent homophobic rant by saying she has “many gay friends.” Read more »

Elina Garatsnest

elinaWe may have a contender in the category of Most Overdone Camp Diva Crossover Hair Extension.

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the gay science

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La Cieca understands that Francesca Zambello is very smart about things like myths and technology and conspicuous consumption and disempowered women. But would totallly kill her to get an independent queer eye to take a quick look at the clothes in her new Siegfried production? Is there any Heldentenor on earth who looks good in a manboob-hugging v neck tee? And does anyone imagine that most dramatic sopranos (we’re not talking Anja Silja here) can pull off skintight jeans and a leather bustier?

“gay friends say they come back when robins nest again!”

Those of you who have been fretting about the recent decline in dowdy, badly-coiffed divas who buy their gowns online will be happy to know that Fiorenza Cedolins is bucking the trend. [kml_flashembed movie=”″ width=”425″ height=”350″ wmode=”transparent” /]

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no geh friends

[kml_flashembed movie=”” width=”425″ height=”350″ wmode=”transparent” /] Thackeray Gnomey has already pointed out this video in the comments, but La Cieca feels with all her heart that it deserves a featured place on this site. Among the subtler pleasures of this cavalcade of visual filth: the expression of stoic acceptance on the face of Waltraud Meier. “Well, what can you do?” she seems to be thinking, and can one but agree with her?

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i stand warned

From an email promo for Washington National Opera’s current production of Elektra: See Susan Bullock and Christine Goerke Sing Elektra! Washington National Opera stars Susan Bullock and Christine Goerke are featured in these extended excerpts and interviews from a recent production of Strauss’ Elektra in Florence, Italy, directed by Robert Carsen and conducted by Seiji Ozawa. Note: The interviews and subtitles are in Italian, and Clip Two contains nudity. But, on the other hand, La Cieca thinks perhaps (just perhaps) nudity might be preferable to some of the costuming for this production, which our informant describes as “a particularly overwrought […]

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the young and the de young

Our Own Sanford reports from this afternoon’s National Council Grand Finals Concert at the Met. First things first: No hunkentenors, but Edward Parks is a barihunk, and Christopher Magiera is almost a barihunk. Now to the important stuff. There were nine singers in the final, and I would say that 10 of them deserved to be there. Patricia Racette was a charming host, who tried mighty hard to tell jokes (“How do you know a singer’s at your door? They can’t find the key and they don’t know when to come in.”)

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