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The journey is the destination

Franz Schubert and Wilhelm Müller’s Winterreise arguably stands at the pinnacle of the lieder recitalist’s oeuvre. When performed beautifully, this intimate and psychologically probing song cycle invokes awe for drawing so much out of a singer’s musicality and interpretive range. In its entirety, these 24 poems on unrequited love comprise a dramatic narrative that can evoke as much emotional depth and power as tragic opera. Read more »

Third bass-baritone

Next Marko Mimica discussed which music “reached” him most and how he regards expressing himself in various languages.  Read more »

Bass-baritone instinct

Next, I asked Marko Mimica which basses he prefers to listen to on recordings. (Then I just sat back and listened!) Read more »

All about that bass-baritone

In Bellini’s opera Norma, the “padre” role of Oroveso, it may be safely said, is “undistinguished”—dull and conventional. The bass entrusted with the role usually will engender two reactions: more frequently than not, “Cut this boring music,” and rather more rarely: “What a pity Oroveso doesn’t have more music.”   

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Talking to John Raitt, Part One

How did you first grow interested in singing?

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The Raitt stuff

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would be having lengthy telephone conversations with John Raitt. 

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Dearly beloved

Mezzo Rinat Shaham takes a short break from being the world’s busiest Carmen and rehearsing for the theatrical concert “The Sorrows of Young Werther” to dish with your doyenne.

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Return of the king

Fifteen years after his first parterre box interview, that criterion of countertenors David Daniels speaks of Oscar Wilde, Marilyn Horne, marriage and political art.

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