It’s game on, divas.

Welcome to the very first parterre boxing match, a new series where we pit Zerbinetta against Zerlina, Caballé against Callas, Berg against Bellini in the ultimate operatic showdown.

That’s right, it’s game time, and we need your input! So, get someone to hold your opera glasses, and get ready to throw down.

Here’s the deal.

Each week or so, we will announce a theme. This might be “Queen of Bel Canto,” “Hottest Baritone Character,” “The Pants Role Punch-Up,”“or anything in between. Characters, singers, composers, arias, operas, librettists—all fair game for future themes.

Then, you, our esteemed readers will tell us who you want to be in the running for the crown. We’ll announce the theme a week in advance and collect responses until Thursday at midnight, before the beginning of the tournament.

From this, the Parterre editors will choose 8 finalists to enter the tournament, by a combination of poll results and contributor choice. Then we will proceed in classic tournament style; two teams will enter, one team will leave as we approach the final round.

Each day/week/whatever, we’ll ask for representatives (Parterre contributors, or guest commentators AKA you!) to fight for their favorites by writing a short paragraph detailing why your pick should be crowned over the other, and the readers will decide the winner for each round.

It’s classic tournament style, two teams enter, one team leaves, as we approach the final round.

Got a theme you want us to do? Drop us a comment!