Your definition of the word “fun” may vary!

So here is a complete trio/duet finale, taken from nine live performances and one studio recording. I’m not going to be so cruel as to say that every singer should be identified within such a textured piece, but in every clip I’d say that at least one of the singers is identifiable.

I was very tempted to leave the Faninal/Marschallin exchange on its own to see if some sharp-eared member of the cher public would get it right, but in the end I wavered and there’s some Oktavian/Sophie on there too.

Generally speaking, I’d say the easiest ones are towards the end.

For your reference, each clip is at approximately the following timestamps:

  1. Beginning – 1:14
  2. 1:14 – 1:35
  3. 1:35 – 2:15
  4. 2:15 – 2:44
  5. 2:44 – 3:27
  6. 3:27 – 4:20
  7. 4:20 – 6:14
  8. 6:14 – 7:18
  9. 7:18 – 9:47
  10. 9:47 – End

You have my solemn promise that neither Joanna Borowska nor Mimi Coertse makes an appearance.

May you be as happy with this strange quiz as mankind can understand happiness!