Herewith the text and translation of the brief excerpt from the third act of Wagner’s Die Walküre after Brünnhilde informs the distraught Wälsung twin that she is pregnant with her brother’s child Siegfried.

O hehrstes Wunder!
Herrlichste Maid!
Dir Treuen dank ich
Heiligen Trost!
Für ihn, den wir Liebste,
rett ich das Liebste:
meines Dankes Lohn
Lache dir einst!
Lebe wohl!
Dich segnet Sieglindes Weh!

O mightiest wonder!
Wonderful maid!
My trusty champion
Brings me good cheer.
For him whom we loved,
I shall save this infant.
Let the joyous end
laugh on our love.
Fare you well!
Be blest in Sieglinde’s woe!

I predict that today’s group of clips may prove a bit more challenging than Monday’s.

Many thanks to my friend Orla who assisted with obtaining several of these excerpts.

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