Since Così recordings seem to keep cropping up controversially in the comments section, I thought it might be fun to do a deepish dive into the back catalogue and put together a football* team’s worth of Fiordiligis.

So here are 11 sopranos sharing the great Act 1 aria “Temerari… Come scoglio.” It’s an aria that lends itself to a number of approaches—it can be grand, parodic, passionate, playful—and you’ll hear a variety of takes on it here. You’ll also, let’s be clear, hear parts that are significantly better sung than others, but it would be no fun if everyone was good, would it?

Good luck figuring them out. I can truthfully say that had I not written the quiz, I’d have scored maybe two…

Guesses in the comments section below, and you’ll get the answers next week.

* i.e., soccer