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All about Melpomene

The news for the first month of 2019 was naturally dominated by Anna Netrebko‘s Adriana Lecouvreur (as what month in history has not been?) but everything from unruly horses to missing queens put in appearances. The top ten parterre box stories for January 2019 after the jump. 

La Cieca is delighted to announce that parterre box garnered over 400K pageviews for the second month in a row!

And now our most viewed stories for the month:

A talent to a Muse

Neigh sayers: Frightening the Horses

Out of sight, out of mind

Gentlemen prefer blinds

Discomfort zone

Two divas enter! One diva leaves!

House of the setting sun

A very Millo sequel

Sonya Yoncheva we love you get up

Queens logic

Photo: Ken Howard / Met Opera