The leading lady of the Bayerische Staatsoper’s production of La Calisto has taken to the Twitters to respond to the recent discussion of her comments about Miley Cyrus.

@Danielledeniese tweets:

Hi @parterre, I just received a link from one of your fans (and my friends) to your readers comments on my recent article. To answer some q[uestions]:

Can you tell your readers from me that indeed it was the Times that brought up Miley asking for my reaction.

[T]hey were writing a piece based on those released pics about how opera is modern/relevant/sexy–all things I agree wholeheartedly w[ith],

but of course they asked some provocative questions & so it wasn’t me who was “slamming” as the Mail put it.

[T]o answer more of the q[uestions]s posed, the staging was also not me rolling around by choice. My role/house debut was a revival.

[S]how was done/dusted. I was able [to] bring my interpretation into the role through expressions/reactions

but the movements/rolling/writhing were all part of an already staged show.

My point about artistic integrity was only that as an actor playing a part, your choices [are] made in name of the character [you] play.

[I]ndeed I did have to wear the leotard as it was the costume, whatever my shape was I would have to wear it,

but for a love performance where I’m Danielle de Niese being Danielle de Niese I wouldn’t choose to wear a leotard just to shock.

[H]ope you can convey these answers to your readers & thank them for engaging in a discussion about it. Love to all. DD

Photo: © Wilfried Hösl