Cher Public

Carefully tautological


“Dein brennend Haupt umwehe Kühle”

I mean, to announce this two days after Gergiev’s debut is one thing, but the burn here surely is the Publikum’s applause.

Muh booklet

Our old friend Gramophone stands athwart history, yelling “will no one shed a tear for obsolescent analog technology?” [Twitter]

Ah tweet mystery of life

“…newfound celebrity on Twitter, where she is beloved by some of opera’s most ardent fans.”

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Piangerò la sorte tua

From Twitter.

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And yet she persisted


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Sonya Yoncheva plays Mad Libs

[via Twitter]

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Another one bites the Russ

The most exquisitely queer “parterre box” headline of all time has been written.

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