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Another one bites the Russ

La Cieca is utterly crushed: the most exquisitely queer “parterre box” headline of all time has been written, and it was written by someone who has nothing to do with parterre box.

Broadcast: Hadrian

Twitter legend Karita Mattila, elegantly muumuu’d Thomas Hampson and Les Boys headline Rufus Wainwright‘s grandiose opera Hadrian, broadcast this afternoon at 1:oo PM.

The implausible dream

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Happy National Coming Out Day

“Love is love,” tweets tenor Michael Fabiano.

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Old friends

Now, if there’s one thing I know about authorial intentions, it is that Verdi totally wanted the first act of La traviata to look like a dinner dance reunion for the class of 1988.

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U mad?

I found myself engrossed in the comments of bitchy queens and backseat directors.

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Why can’t a woman be more like a man?

“The background chorus characters in the Broadway show I saw tonight unobtrusively included a gay couple, and jaded though I sometimes am I think that’s really neat.”

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Embroidered silk

Maria Agresta‘s delicately-acted, sumptuously-sung seamstress transformed what might have been just an average Wednesday night revival into something finer.

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