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Danielle fires back

The leading lady of the Bayerische Staatsoper’s production of La Calisto has taken to the Twitters to respond to the recent discussion of her comments about Miley Cyrus. Read more »

Don’t be defeatist, dear

“After attending the dress rehearsal in London I wrote the following to Mr Carsen to give him the opportunity to make changes.” A commenter on Slipped Disc named “Michael” (pictured) offers a few observations on the staging of Falstaff.

Golden “Boys”

“Who knows what to expect from an opera about the Internet? But when Nico Muhly’s Two Boys evokes the complex mysteries of cyberspace in a series of shimmering choruses, it’s easy to think this is the most gorgeous music you’ve ever heard.” [New York Post]

Weia! Waga! Woge, du Web!

The Bayreuth Festival is trying something new and outreachy this season.

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Glücklich zu sehen, je suis enchanté!

Tenor Nikolai Schukoff (recently Parsifal in the Lyon production) displays so much furry semi-nudity on his web site that the page should be called “Otter Space.”

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And painted birds do hush their singing

Web slinger

Okay, Justin Davidson, it’s on. 

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The biggest scoop of the decade

So La Cieca was thinking back, what with the end of the oughts and all, and she found herself wondering how has changed in the past ten years. Here’s a screenshot of the site (not yet a blog) circa December 1999, and what nostalgia to think of the days when we still used “frames!” (About the faux-brick background image, perhaps the less said the better.)

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