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Of course it is happening inside your head, but why on earth should that mean it is not real?

This is such natural casting La Cieca is ashamed she didn’t think of it earlier: Jakub Józef Orlinski as Harry Potter!  Read more »

Cult of personality

One of Our Own JJ‘s first mentors discovered this YouTube clip of Donna Murphy, exclaiming, “Use this when you are trying to explain what ‘personality’ means in the theater. She makes it into a mash-up of Cours-la-Reine and ‘A Great Lady Has An Interview’.”  Read more »


To those of you who have may recently have read about the birth of parterre box 25 years ago, a reminder that your doyenne’s origin myth must always be understood to begin with the bite of a radioactive soprano way back in 1976.

Fish are jumping

The ever-astonishing Cecilia Bartoli riffs on the Gershwins’ “Summertime.”

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Rodelinda warrior

Ardent, astonishing, animated Anthony Roth Costanzo has just unveiled the music video for “Vivi, tiranno.”

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You mean the butcher, Grandma

La Cieca wishes to be among the first to congratulate Jessye Norman, who has emerged from semi-retirement to leap upon the musical theater bandwagon.

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“Ah, mascalzone, presto in prigione! Suzuki, il thè”

Here’s a set of comments that I think really captures the duality of YouTube — two criticisms of Jonas Kaufmann. I won’t say which I personally find more valid! 

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The queen’s speech

Legendary diva and long-time friend of parterre box Aprile Millo offers a gracious and witty speech in acceptance of the Verdi d’Oro Prize in Busseto.

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