In Out of This World, (1950) the god Jupiter celebrates his lust for mortal women.

I Jupiter, I Rex, I Jupiter
Am positively teeming with sex.
But I Jupiter, I Jove I, Jupiter
Would like a brand new dish on my stove!
I’m tired of blasée goddesses
With busting-out-all-over bodices
I crave a merry mortal with a sassy air
And a baby blue 32 brassière!
[“Brassière! Boom!!”]
I Jupiter, I Rex, I Jupiter Rex
Am positively teeming,
Yes, positively steaming
With sex!
[“Brekekekex Koex Koex Sex!”]

(In the second verse, the god craves “… a sassy mortal with a merry air / And a not-too-plump, bump-to-bump derrière!”)

And what are your favorite Cole Porter lyrics?