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Glamour, reconceptualized

Martha Graham Cracker headlines “a truly original potpourri.”

Opera Philadelphia’s O18 Festival continues through the weekend, but Friday represented a finale of sorts with the last two premieres: a recital from a pair of exceptionally promising Curtis singers in the afternoon, and the last of three cabaret evenings showcasing international diva Stephanie Blythe and Philly’s own drag icon Martha Graham CrackerRead more »

When queens preside

“Fricka is on fucking vacation.”  Read more »

Dramatic A.R.C.

If Glass Handel were simply a one-performer concert—that’s only the beginning, but stay with me for a minute—even that would be intrepid, since it combines music by two composers, most of it pretty far from the mainstream, at seemingly opposite polarities of history and style.  Read more »

Dark shadows

If only Donizetti’s Lucia di Lammermoor, a setting of Walter Scott’s gloomy novel in which the heroine is traded like a piece of merchandise in a battle of brutal family politics, felt like an historical curiosity. Alas, we see daily headlines that confirm its relevance.  Read more »

Elle is other people

Soprano Patricia Racette is superb in La Voix Humaine, a work that she makes absolutely her own.

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Grand tourists

Soprano Ashley Marie Robillard and mezzo Siena Licht Miller evoke a journey to Paris, Venice, Berlin, and London.

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Touch the sky

It would be hard to imagine a more apt and poignant metaphor for the ambitious O18 Festival than the world premiere of Lembit Beecher and Hannah Moscovitch’s Sky on Swings. 

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