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He’s a Cat who has lived many lives in succession

On the heels of the stupendous success of the English National Opera’s presentation of such classic musicals as Sunset Blvd. and Man of La Mancha, the Royal Opera Covent Garden is getting into the act with a star-studded revival of Cats featuring Sir Bryn Terfel (pictured) as “Old Deuteronomy.”

Have I got a girl for you

My honest reaction when I heard that a reverse-gender Company was being planned for the West End was exhaustion. Like, is this what we’re doing now, Sondheim-wise? At what point should we just admit we’re bored with the work?  Read more »

You mean the butcher, Grandma

La Cieca wishes to be among the first to congratulate Jessye Norman, who has emerged from semi-retirement to leap upon the musical theater bandwagon. The legendary diva is currently appearing in Tokyo in a new production of Fiddler on the Roof directed by Julie TaymorRead more »

Like breathing out and breathing in

Has anyone who assigned, wrote, edited or published this piece ever seen My Fair Lady?

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Look at these people: aren’t they eerie?

I’ve always believed that Follies, like life, should be relentless and inescapable.

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Time and again I would try to say

Our own publisher and New York Observer scribe Julie Jordan James Jorden plays pundit again for WQXR’s “Conducting Business.”

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A Multitude of Roberts

“What prevents Company from being the greatest musical ever written (which, given the talents going into it, it certainly could have been) is that there is something central to the work that is false, a cheat.” Our Own JJ (not pictured) reveals his theater queen side in Capital New York.

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Angel of peace

La Cieca’s fans worldwide will be happy to note that she doesn’t think scandals are limited to only New York and Bayreuth. In fact, wherever Patti LuPone goes, scandale follows. Right now, La LuPone is in Chicago, and, yes, the Hogtown natives are restless.

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