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parterre saturday afternoon: Montserrat Caballé

Today’s sad news has prompted a change of program in parterre saturday afternoon. Our Own JJ will present a tribute to Montserrat Caballé, to begin at our regular time of 2:00 PM.   Read more »

Tongue tied

After January’s well-received Mozart concert-aria-orgy, Trove Thursday’s latest folie de grandeur is an overflowing three-part explosion of post-war divas in live performances of unexpected arias always in the “wrong language.”  Read more »

Roberto Devereux: Tragedy Mirrored

Devereux Leyla GencerBy the time Roberto Devereux saw its premiere at Napoli’s Teatro San Carlo on 29 October, 1837, Gaetano Donizetti had lost, in an 18-month time frame, both his parents, two still-born children, and his beloved wife Virginia. (Ten years later, the unfortunate composer, after a gradual descent into madness, met a grisly end, from complications of syphilis.) The opera was completed a month after his wife’s death. We can scarcely imagine how the composer, in his grief, summoned up the means to create an opera—and one that so often teems with his richest levels of inspiration.  Read more »

Vola talor dal carcere

“Spain’s world-famous opera star Montserrat Caballé was handed a six-month suspended jail sentence and fined more than 250,000 euros ($275,000) on Tuesday for cheating the taxman.” [AFP]

Where in the World Is Montserrat Caballé?

The legendary diva failed to show up in court this morning for settlement of her tax fraud case.

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Orange is the new spinto

Opera star Montserrat Caballé has reached a deal with the public prosecutor to receive a six-month prison sentence and a €240,000 fine for defrauding the Spanish tax office.

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Vola talor dal carcere

World-famous soprano Montserrat Caballé will not have to go to jail.

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Faustian bargain

Two debuts of legendary singers on a single night highlight this performance of Faust from the final season of the Old Met, courtesy of Jungfer Marianne Leizmetzerin.

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