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Magic mike

This year’s Richard Tucker Gala was a refreshingly well-balanced program of less frequently heard arias interspersed with operatic chestnuts one expects to encounter at a gala. No major singers cancelled (although two pieces were dropped from the program including one which should have been one of the evening’s highlights), and almost everyone brought her or his A-game. This review should practically write itself, no?  But it didn’t, and I blame technology!  Read more »

Senza nube e senza vel

As I gloried in Mariella Devia’s triumphant 2014 Opera Orchestra of New York’s concert performance of Roberto Devereux at Carnegie Hall, I assumed it would be my last opportunity to hear the soprano live. I had contented myself knowing that the spectacular High D natural that capped her “Quel sangue versato” would be a fitting coda to my history with the singer.  Read more »

Misty salvation

Ah, finalmente! Thrice I have been denied access to Rome’s beautiful Teatro dell’Opera di Roma–thanks to two strikes and one unexpected venue change. Lots of coins into the Trevi Fountain, return trips to Rome, and then last Saturday, a fourth attempt at Teatro dell’Opera—and finally satisfying success! Read more »

To weep and remember

Last evening’s scorching performance of Fallujah by the New York City Opera demonstrated that sometimes impact is not limited by physical proximity.

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Miss Battle was greeted with a thunderous ovation befitting a beloved singer at the end of an illustrious career.

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Pièce de résistance

I was hopeful that my next operatic engagement would offer greater rewards: Norma at the Edinburgh Festival.

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