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Kevin Fullerton

Disappearing act

It seems somewhat incongruous that a state of euphoria could be reached after the emotionally wrenching journey Leos Janácek’s astonishing song-cycle Zápisník zmizelého (The Diary of One Who Disappeared) takes the listener on, but tenor Matthew Polenzani and pianist Julius Drake’s performance left this listener in just such a state.  Read more »

Grazie Millo

There are, on rare occasions, moments in a live performance where some intangible symbiotic relationship between audience and performer creates an instant that borders on the sublime; where collectively they breathe as one and inhabit a singular emotional space. Such a moment was achieved near the end of the first half of Aprile Millo’s Zankel Hall recital on Wednesday evening.  Read more »

But wait! There’s more!

Fans of Juan Diego Flórez who have endured an inexplicable three-and-a-half year absence from New York’s operatic and concert scene found much to cheer at Sunday’s sold out Carnegie Hall recital. In the end it became a veritable love-fest between the Peruvian tenor and those assembled in the Hall.  Read more »

Bly’s spirits

This was not a performance as gimmick.

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Magic mike

Isn’t it nice to know a lot? And a little bit not.

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Senza nube e senza vel

I attended the Sunday, May 13, performance with bittersweet anticipation.

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Misty salvation

Ah, finalmente!

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To weep and remember

Last evening’s scorching performance of Fallujah by the New York City Opera demonstrated that sometimes impact is not limited by physical proximity.

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