The Machine malfunctioned tonight in Siegfried at the Met, only one performance behind schedule. La Cieca is told that the final transition to the “Valkyrie Rock” could not be completed.  “Just as Siegfried was starting his climb, multiple planks thudded into ‘down’ position.  Lots of shouting into walkie-talkies.  The set never moved again,” a witness IMed parterre. No injuries are reported.

Another eyewitness says that toward the end of the interlude Deborah Voigt walked on and lay down on the stage apron, and the remainder of the performance was played there. Apparently the same problem cropped up as on opening night, i.e., the revolving planks ran into the stage elevator and tripped the fail-safe device, but this time the set could not be restarted in time. The “magic fire” effect continued through the (uninterrupted) finale, it is reported.

Another audience member has just contacted La Cieca, offering the opinion “I think they cannot do this show ever again.”